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rss 2.0 format + Dublin Core metadata, utf-8 encoding

Get the last submission on the archive

You can also used the following parameters to get more item :

 Parameter  Description  Exemple
dc 1, 0 (default) add Dublin-Core information in the article rss feeds item
spip 1, 0 (default) modify HAL feed for CMS SPIP interoperability
language fr, en (default) http://hprints.org/rss.php?language=fr
published year (YYYY), from-until http://hprints.org/rss.php?published=2005
get the paper published in 2005.
from daily (default), yesterday, weekly, monthly, yearly, all (author research or limit < 15) http://hprints.org/rss.php?from=monthly
get the monthly submission
format fulltext [default], withoutfile (get also documents without fulltext submission) http://hprints.org/rss.php?format=fulltext
author name (lastname or first_lastname) of the author to get in the feed http://hprints.org/rss.php?author=alain_martin
get the Alain Martin article
lab name (id, name, affiliation) of the laboratory http://hprints.org/rss.php?lab=UMR8549
get the UMR8549 laboratory article
researchteam name of the research team http://hprints.org/rss.php?researchteam=AduPRO
get the AduPRO research team article
tampon tampon id to search http://hprints.org/rss.php?tampon=LKB
get the LKB tampon article
publication type typdoc id to search http://hprints.org/rss.php?type=ART_ACL
get the ART_ACL type article
domain subject id to search http://hprints.org/rss.php?domain=PHYS
get the PHYS subject article
anr ANR project id http://hprints.org/rss.php?anr=ANR-05-CEXC
get the ANR-05-CEXC ANR article
limit maximum number of articles to export in the rss feeds http://hprints.org/rss.php?from=all&limit=5
get the 5 last submission

You can use combinations of parameters. you must separate them by the character & (ex : http://hprints.org/rss.php?from=monthly&lab=UMR8549 )

You can also provide the parameter xslurl defining the URL of a file xsl in order to post flow rss according to the desired style.
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