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Center of Comparative Cultural Studies (2)
Lund University Library Head Office LUB (2)
Centre of Textile Research CTR (9)
Lund University [Lund] (1)
Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials DREAM (2)
Niels Bohr Institute NBI (2)
Danish School of Education (1)
No current affiliation N/A (1)
Department of Archaeology University of Sheffield (1)
Nordiska museets bibliotek (1)
Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies ToRS (8)
Research Group for Genre Studies RGGS (7)
Department of Department of French Italian and Classical Languages (1)
Research Policy Institute Lund University Sweden RPI (1)
Department of English Germanic and Romance Studies ENGEROM (4)
Romance Languages Department (1)
Department of Forensic Medicine University of Copenhagen (1)
Royal School of Library and Information Science RSLIS (14)
Department of French Italian and Classical Languages (2)
Sistema de Bibliotecas (2)
Department of Information Systems (1)
Slovak Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology (2)
Department of Media Cognition and Communication (4)
Slovak Academy of Sciences Institute of Measurement Science (1)
Department of Philosophy Linguistics and Theory of Science (5)
State and University Library SB (1)
Department of Physics and Astronomy (1)
Stockholm University (13)
Department of Physics and Technology (1)
Stockholm University Library SUB (2)
Department of Psychology IfP (3)
Technische Universität Berlin [Berlin] TUB (2)
Department of Scandinavian Studies (8)
The Carsten Niebuhr Institute (1)
Department of Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics (8)
Freie University Berlin (1)
The Royal Library (1)
Gothenburg University (1)
The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library (10)
Grupo de Investigacion Reconocido "Ser conocimiento cultura y economía" GIR - SCCE (1)
The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library and Information Service CULIS (10)
Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf (4)
The Royal Library / Copenhagen University's Library and Information Service CULIS (4)
Institut for tværkulturelle og regionale studier Østeuropæisk Afdeling (1)
The SAXO Institute (1)
Institute of Innovative and Postgraduate Education (IIPE) (1)
University of Aalborg (1)
IT University of Copenhagen IT (1)
University of Aarhus (3)
Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar (1)
University of Copenhagen (29)
Laboratoire d'aérologie LA (2)
University of Oslo UiO (1)
Laboratoire de demographie LD (6)
University of Oslo Library (1)
Laboratório de Estudos Evolutivos Humanos LEEH (1)
University of Southern Denmark (1)
Laboratory of Biological Anthropology (2)
Victoria University Melbourne (1)
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität [München] LMU (1)
Vienna University Library (1)
Lund University Libraries Head Office (2)
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