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in vol. "Administrație românească arădeană", Doru Sinaci, Emil Arbonie (coord.), Editura "Vasile Goldiș" University Press, Arad 2 (2011) 22-31
Aspecte privind organizarea administrativ-teritorială şi instituţională a comitatului Arad în secolul al XVIII-lea (Some aspects of the administrative-territorial and institutional organization of Arad County in the eighteenth century)
Eugen Ghita 1

The article offers a brief overview of the administrative-territorial organization and reorganization in the former county of Arad. Old medieval boundaries have known significant changes after the installation of Habsburg rule. Political, social and military reasons determined the imperial authorities to make several reorganizations of the area. Institutions were designed to ensure proper functioning of the county, but also contributed to the upgrade of the administrative structures on the Enlightenment spirit.
1:  Laboratoire de demographie (LD)
Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu - Arad
Humanities and Social Sciences/History
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