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Øjeblikket, 51 (2010) 62-66
In your face!
Ask Katzeff 1

Throughout time the face of power has constituted a favourite target of demon¬strations of dissent and social revolt. The face of the King, the Emperor, the President, the Sultan as objects of scorn and ridicule. This article investigates this particular form of physiognomic humiliation as an activist strategy, as a modifica¬tion of the image of power that attempts to establish a rupture in the prevailing social order and thus open up a new field of political potential.
1:  Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (ENGEROM)
University of Copenhagen
Humanities and Social Sciences/History, philosophy and sociology

Humanities and Social Sciences/Art and art history
the carnivalesque – activism – neoliberalism – pieing – shoe tossing – resistance – resistance studies – carnival against capital – George Bush – Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Milton Friedman – pie throwing
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