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Multimodal corpora: from models of natural interaction to systems and applications, Kipp, M., Martin, J-C., Paggio, P., & Heylen, D. (Ed.) (2009) 160-175
Multimodal Intercultural Information and Communication Technology - A Framework for Designing and Evaluating Multimodal Intercultural Communicators
Jens Allwood ( ) 1, Elisabeth Ahlsén 1

The paper presents a framework, combined with a checklist for designing and evaluating multimodal, intercultural ICT, especially when embodied artificial communicators are used as front ends for data bases, as digital assistants, as tutors in pedagogical programs or players in games etc. Such a framework is of increasing interest, since the use of ICT across cultural boundaries in combination with the use of ICT by persons with low literacy skills is rapidly increasing. This development presents new challenges for intercultural ICT. A desideratum for interculturally sensitive artificial communicators is a generic, exportable system for interactive communication with a number of parameters that can be set to capture intercultural variation in communication. This means a system for a Generic, Multimodal, Intercultural Communicator (a GMIC).
1:  Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science
University of Gothenburg
Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics
ECA (embodied communicative agent) – intercultural ICT – multimodal ICT – virtual communicator
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