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AGGHR 2010 : "International Conference on Anti-Corruption, Good Governance and Human Rights", Paris : France (2010)
Ending corruption in India by privatization, the last mile
Anil Bheemaiah Dr ( ) 1

Corruption in India is deemed an accepted reality by most Indians who spend at least Rs4000.00 a year on it. Even basic utilities that are run by the government need bribes ranging from thousands to lakhs of rupees. This paper is on the last mile of privatization that has at the least offered to the common man a world free of corruption. The last mile explores the privatization of electricity and transport, the two last domains of the government. The paper explores the final frontiers of privatization, private forest management. land tenure systems and alternative computational law leading to a total non dependence on the government by the people and freedom from corruption. The new world?
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University of Copenhagen
Humanities and Social Sciences/History, philosophy and sociology
corruption – India
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