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Classica et Mediaevalia. Revue danoise de philologie et d'histoire 56 (2005) 303-325
Codex Angelicus 123 as a Liturgical Manuscript
Brian Møller Jensen 1

Reading a liturgical manuscript demands an interdisciplinary approach in order to read the conventions and peculiarities in such sources. Using the Bologna gradual and troper-sequentiary, codex Angelicus 123, dated ca. 1039, as an example, the paper presents three case studies to illustrate how different interartistic representations work together in the medieval folio, e.g. word and image, text and music, and liturgical conventions in text editing.
1:  Department of French, Italian and Classical Languages
Stockholm University
Humanities and Social Sciences/Classics

Humanities and Social Sciences/History
medieval liturgy – sequence – saints – St. George – Bologna – hagiography
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