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Cooperation, Competition, Conflict and Communication
Jens Allwood 1

Building on sources such as the ones mentioned our point of departure, in this book, is the definition of cooperation given in Allwood (1976). Cooperation is there claimed to be a matter of degree, definable in terms of four requirements that would be needed to achieve ideal cooperation. Thus, two or more parties interact cooperatively to the extent that they in their actions (i) take each other into cognitive consideration (ii) have a joint purpose (iii) take each other into ethical consideration (iv) trust each other to act in accordance with (i) – (iii). All four requirements need not be met, but as soon as one is met, there is some degree of cooperation and two persons may be said to cooperate to some extent.
1:  Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science
University of Gothenburg
Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics
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