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Two texts by Eneas Silvius Piccolomini on Denmark
Michael Cotta-Schønberg 1

Two texts of Eneas Silvius Piccolomini on Denmark are presented. One is the chapter on the Danish king, Eric VII of Pomerania, from De Viris Illustribus, and the other is the chapter on Denmark and the other Scandinavian realms from De Europa. The two texts form the basis of a picture of Denmark as held by an international European personality towards the middle of the 15th century.
1:  University of Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen
Humanities and Social Sciences/History, philosophy and sociology
Eneas Silvius Piccolomini – Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini – Pope Pius II – Denmark – Scandinavia – King Eric VII of Pomerania – Emperor Sigismund – Queen Margaret I of Denmark – King Christopher III of Denmark – The Holy Roman Empire – Renaissance historiography – Fifteenth century
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