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Eikasia. Revista de Filosofía 48 (2013) pp. 131-138
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Relations between metaphysics and art? ¿Relaciones entre metafisica y arte?
Paulo Vélez León 1

In this paper we intend to make visible a possible relationship between metaphysics and art, from the presuppose, in absolute terms they are the same, so that what you say is true of the metaphysical arts. However, the distinction between metaphysics and art is not feasible to show the world, especially in an artistic event such as a concert or show, but because the distinctions of the world. Try to address this issue since the concept of Sorge (cure, care) and metaphysical budgets that will eventually settled by Heidegger in Sein und Zeit.
1:  Grupo de Investigacion Reconocido "Ser, conocimiento, cultura y economía" (GIR - SCCE)
Universidad de Salamanca
Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy

Humanities and Social Sciences/Art and art history

Humanities and Social Sciences/Musicology and performing arts
Metaphysics – Hermeutics – World of Art – Sorge – Dasein
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