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News from the Interview Society, Mats Ekström ; Åsa Kroon ; Mats Nylund (Ed.) (2006) 95-120
"Doing" Interviewer Roles in TV Interviews
Mie Femø Nielsen 1

The article suggests an action-based taxonomy for interviews that reflects the interviewers behavior, depending on whether the interviewee is invited to, e.g., produce an argumentation for or account of something, to declare something or to tell a story. Using the conversation analytic method a range of Danish interviews are analysed. It shows three different interviewer roles and how they are done.
1:  University of Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen
Humanities and Social Sciences/History, philosophy and sociology

Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics
Interviewer Roles – Interviewer – Interviewee – Journalism – News Production – News Interview – Historical – Conversation Analysis – Interactional Behavior – Action-Based Taxonomy – Taxonomy
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