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ScieCom Info 4, 1 (2008) 1-4
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Open Access in Denmark
Bertil Dorch ( ) 1, 2, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard 3
For the Statsbiblioteket og det Kongelige Bibliotek collaboration(s)

Open Access is gaining momentum in Denmark – not only among libraries but also among the research community and at the political level. Open Access journals exist and the number will grow, self archiving has been established among some institutions and there is ongoing work on a preservation infrastructure. One of the most advanced areas in this aspect is astronomy and the role of Open Access in this area is described from a Danish perspective.
1:  Niels Bohr Institute (NBI)
Niels Bohr Institute
2:  The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library
University of Copenhagen
3:  State and University Library (SB)
University of Aarhus
Humanities and Social Sciences/Library and information sciences
Open Access – Denmark
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